Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett are Calgary-based artists and collaborators creating whimsical interactive installations out of artificial light and other mediums. Exploring themes of public interaction, art in unexpected spaces, community collaboration, and play, the duo began collaborating on light works in 2010. Best known locally for their interactive sculpture CLOUD (Nuit Blanche Calgary) Brown & Garrett cultivate a parallel practice creating installations in alternative spaces and pre-demolition buildings – most recently WRECK CITY and PHANTOM WING. To date, they have created three separate CLOUD sculptures in Calgary, Moscow, and Chicago, and exhibited artwork in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, with upcoming dates in Kentucky and Singapore.

SOLAR FLARE is Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett’s newest artificial light-based sculpture, and they are pleased to present the piece in their home town of Calgary, Canada.


Wayne Garrett & Caitlind r.c. Brown
Photos by Michael Tan, Diane + Mike Photography

When not working on light sculptures, Wayne Garrett is a professionally trained musician playing in several Calgary-based bands, most notably The Bitterweed Draw and SURF KITTIES! Caitlind Brown works sporadically for various cultural organizations (GIRAF, CJSW 90.9 fm, etc) and recently co-founded a collective of “Artist-Curators” creating wildly popular temporary art spaces in pre-demolition buildings (WRECK CITY and PHANTOM WING).


TUBE SLIDE at WRECK CITY, a recycled Burger King slide inserted between the first and second floor of a house scheduled for demolition (WRECK CITY)


Brown & Garrett’s CLOUD sculpture, Nuit Blanche Calgary 2012
Photo by Doug Wong


CLOUD at Nuit Blanche Calgary before the sun went down.
Photo by Mitch Kern


Viewer interacting with CLOUD at Nuit Blanche Calgary
Photo by Kelly Hofer


CLOUD CEILING (created from 15,000 light bulbs) at Progress Bar in Chicago (USA).
Photo by Caitlind r.c. Brown


Passerby ogling CLOUD CEILING in Chicago
Photo by Caitlind Brown


Below view of the underside of CLOUD (second edition) at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow (Russia)
Photo by Caitlind Brown


Interior of CLOUD (second edition) at Garage
Photo by Caitlind Brown


Audiences interacting with CLOUD at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow
Photo by Wayne Garrett


Children viewing CLOUD at GLOW Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands
Photo by Caitlind Brown


Wayne Garrett tugging on a pull chain in Eindhoven, Netherlands
Photo by Caitlind Brown



CLOUD at Signal Festival in Prague, Czech Republic.
Photo by Caitlind Brown