A short video, documenting SOLAR FLARE, including music by AM Static.

SOLAR FLARE is an interactive sun sculpture designed to artificially prolong “golden hour” into the longest and coldest nights of the year. The piece is animated by analog motion sensors triggered by viewers as they pass beneath. Paying brief homage to an established genre of sun-themed works by quintessential light artists, SOLAR FLARE attempts to catch and re-create an artificial semblance of the brightest and most essential celestial body known to earth. Whether this pursuit is a utopian fantasy, a god complex, or an attempt to suspend time itself, SOLAR FLARE invites audiences to reconsider a familiar space and engage with their city in a different light – after darkness falls.

Viewers of SOLAR FLARE were invited to participate in an open-ended community Light Performance beneath the sculpture, celebrating the Winter Solstice on December 19, 2013. Entitled A Stab in the Dark, this collaborative light experiment was intended as a simple and open exploration of the social effects of light, inviting participants to engage in a playful solstice ritual. Together we attempted to ignite 1,000 oversized sparklers to summon the sun. Collaborative, fleeting, and ultimately futile, Stab in the Dark explored man-made brightness, human connectivity, and the mysterious ability of light to draw strangers together, if only for a moment, in the darkness of winter.


SOLAR FLARE is sponsored by Downtown Calgary,


Special Thanks: Shauna Quinn, Downtown Calgary, Coyote Works Ltd, Dave & Jodi, Tevin, Kayleigh Hall, Nate McLeod, and the team from the Art Gallery of Calgary, AM Static, Andrew Frosst, Lane Shordee, Ivan Ostapenko, Clare Duckett, Evan Gillespie, Sport Chek, and our awesome pals and families. Thanks for the support!

Many thanks to our suspension locations: The Art Gallery of Calgary, Sport Chek, James Joyce, Winners, The Bank of Nova Scotia building, The Tribune, Tropicana, and ARP Pharmacy.


Photo by Tom Fitz