Light Night promo

SOLAR FLARE is up and shimmering on Stephen Avenue (updates on the last freezing hours of install soon). To celebrate, you’re invited to participate in a Winter Solstice COMMUNITY LIGHT PERFORMANCE this Thursday, December 19th from 7:30 – 8:30 pm, underneath the artificial sun. Official invite below:

As the solstice draws closer and nights grow longer and darker, the artists behind SOLAR FLARE  invite you to participate in a collaborative Light Performance designed to shed a critical brightness on one street in Downtown Calgary. An optimistic exploration of the social effects of light, viewers will participate in a playful solstice ritual, igniting 1,000 lights to summon the sun. Collaborative, beautiful, and ultimately futile, the SOLAR FLARE Light Performance is an exploration of brightness, movement, and the mysterious ability of light to draw strangers together, if only for a moment, in the darkness of winter.

At the end of the performance, each participant will be gifted a light to carry away with them, charting their departure through the arteries of the city like a new constellation of slowly shifting stars: evidence of their time beneath the sun.

This performance is all-ages, open to the public. Free hot beverages will be available onsite.