IMG_1157We’re damn lucky no one on our team is overtly petrified of heights…



Andrew Frosst, Wayne Garrett, and Lane Shordee after a day of hauling 6,820 lbs of weight

Today, Wayne and our two palssistants, Lane Shordee & Andrew Frosst, lifted 6,820 pounds of concrete onto the rooftops surrounding Stephen Avenue Walk to use as ballast weight for SOLAR FLARE. With nothing but sheer magic-muscles and a 52′ scissor lift, these fellas spent 8-hours in -12 degree weather, hauling with all their might. By tomorrow, SOLAR FLARE *should* be safely suspended above Stephen Avenue, glinting lazily for all to see. One full installation day to go!


Our team is awesome. Comprised of our roommates, Lane Shordee & Andrew Frosst, (both incredible artists – you should def check out links to their work here and here), we know these boys from a fat handful of other crazy art things about town, including Arbour Lake Sghool collective (where Wayne Garrett and I original met) and more. We just hired their super powers for a few afternoons.


Leading up to this point, the team has spent several days on the rooftops above Stephen Avenue. In this limbo region of utilitarian infrastructure, it’s easy to feel exposed and isolated from the people down below, and the many many people up above as they silently observe from mysterious office towers. Downtown life is so foreign to us (are artists not the antithesis of 9-5ers?) but our situation on the rooftops is strangely alluring. Up here, we are hiding in plain sight – nesting… plotting.



Temperatures on our outdoor work days have ranged between -16 and -12 degrees celsius, which has somehow managed to be very tolerable (except for the occasional bout of cold feet). Seasoned outdoor construction vets, our team is happy as long as they’re working on something.






Watching golden hour settle over the mountains on our last night at the shop in Cochrane, we watched the sun setting and hoped for the best. Tomorrow will probably be the most challenging day of the project… but after today, the clan is up for anything. And what more can you ask for than that?



Moonrise in Downtown Calgary