IMG_0452It is another great adventure, and we are sun-hunters, cusping on the edge of the very bright light.


The past few days have been idyllic. In the workshop, Wayne stokes the fire and we get to work, cutting, grinding, polishing, and welding. Coyote Works is a brilliant space, full of fascinating nick-knacks from old movie sets, bits of metal art, and excellent tools. The shop itself is set into the rolling foothills near Cochrane. The view out the office window is astounding! We feel profoundly lucky every time we go to the shop, both because it holds a wealth of positive vibes, and because it’s a beautiful environment that’s been super welcoming to us. Thank you again to Dave & Jodie from Coyote Works Ltd. for everything.

IMG_0474 IMG_0480

Dave Benediktson spent two full days welding with us. On Thursday, Patrick Southgate picked up where Dave left off, brandishing a torch at the aluminum core of the sun.




Shortly after the core was finished, our acrylic rods arrived from the factory in Quebec.

IMG_0552  IMG_0555


A bit of colour adds infinite potential for trial and error. 350 lbs of yellow acrylic tube will be both a blessing and a curse – especially when it comes to illuminating the tubes like fiber optics. Still, in our hunt for the sun, the yellow warmth of the light heavily influences the essence of the sculpture. The next step is to test our lighting, searching for that perfect golden hour glow. IMG_0572

It doesn’t look like much yet. Or, more specifically, it looks like the Death Star from Star Wars… But at least we can begin testing light elements in earnest now. Wish us luck!