I write this post on behalf of Wayne Garrett, who bravely wielded a camera in the welding shop while assisting our aluminum welder, David Benediktson, in building the core of SOLAR FLARE over the weekend.

Structure of the sun

STRUCTURE OF THE SUN, a diagram from
“Above: a composite diagram of Solar structure (made with photos courtesy of SOHO/NASA and a Pov-Ray representation of the interior structure. The labels are as follows: C: core; CME: coronal mass ejection; Co: corona; CoSt: coronal streamers; CS: chromosphere; CZ: convective zone; F: filament; Fl: flare; G: granules; P: plages (bright spots); Pr: prominence; RZ: radiative zone; SG: supergranules; Sp: sprites; SS: sunspots; SW: solar wind.”

Through a series of unpredictable circumstances, we have had the great fortune of stumbling across a metal shop in Cochrane willing and enthusiastic to offer artists working with a small to mid-sized budget (such as ourselves) access to their space. David Benediktson – himself a Fine Arts grad from the University of Calgary – is our lead aluminum welder, as well as the President of Coyote Works Ltd. an awesome little metal shop specializing in art, metals, and special effects for the silver screen.


Coyote Works Ltd, Dave Benediktson’s awesome metal shop!


Plans for SOLAR FLARE from our draftsman Ivan Ostapenko


In his previous life, Wayne Garrett was a machinist in the Yukon Territory. Together, he and Dave hand-bent and welded the metal core of SOLAR FLARE into a tidy little spiky ball representing the beginning of our new adventure – a step towards the sun!


Dave welding


Bending the aluminum


Hammering in the aluminum pipes




The SOLAR FLARE core! Sans top and bottom cap, but almost done


Isometric diagram by Ivan Ostapenko

With the metal elements of SOLAR FLARE building towards a state of completion, we turn to the many other details that require confirmation before we can suspend the piece above Stephen Avenue – like confirming our eight rooftop mount locations, finalizing electronics and solar power, and eventually planning an Opening Party. Stay tuned to this blog for more details as they unfold!


Looking across Stephen Ave from the rooftop above the Art Gallery of Calgary